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I truly am sorry to have to write this letter. My friend Dawn Green who is 42 has a non smokers type of lung cancer that she has been fighting for a couple years and she is soon about to lose the battle. We wanted to get tickets for her to see Foo Fighters since Dave is her ultimate favorite singer and Foo Fighters is her favorite band, but unfortunately she wont be here to attend. She has very limited time at this point. Maybe couple weeks. Is there ANY way Dave and the Band can get in touch with her via, FB chat, Skype or however you can in the next week? It would mean the world to her. We are in Pasadena Ca. It would be great if it was a live conversation but we understand the the hectic schedules and limitation Foo Fighters have. So even if it is a recorded message it would mean so much to her.
I will post a picture of her on my face book page so you can see this is an actual situation.
I have made it public for a short period of time.
I hope this can work. Unfortunately it is time sensitive.
Thank you
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