Ahh....sunny Los many velvet ropes to cross, so little time.
I drove by my old house here a few days ago and wondered how the hell I
lasted a year and a half in this amusement park of a city. Don't get me
wrong, if there's one place in the world to get into some serious trouble,
it's definitely here. Nevertheless, the sweet summer humidity of my Virginia
will always call me home. Gotta love that.
Work, work,work......finished up the Tenacious D record, and I have to
say that it is undoubtedly the best rock and roll record in the history
mankind. Zeppelin? HA!..........Sabbath? Sorry, Ozzy.........Beatles?'s
a close call, but I'd have to hand that one over to the D as well. I'm sure
Ringo would feel the same. No idea when it's supposed to come out, but it
will surely blow each and every one of your asses out. That's a good thing,
my friends...
Probot mixing has started. Fucking monster heavy. Today's choice cut was
"Centuries of Sin", sung by Cronos from Venom. Seriously evil shit. 'Aint no
"Learn to Fly" happening on this album, I'm afraid. Don't worry though, I'm
not gonna dye my hair black, start worshipping Satan, and join the dark
side....just living out some childhood fantasies for now. Not sure when it'll
be done, but for now it's a constant source of joy in my life.
Let's see....what time again, this time a tribal around
the waist like a belt that dips down a little too close for comfort, if you
know what I'm new album award goes to BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE
CLUB. Kinda old school, Jesus and Mary Chain meets Verbena meets Girls
Against Boys meets T. new carry out goes to RIBS USA in the
valley. More bone for the buck. Best new bar in LA goes to MY MINI BAR.
Prompt service and a relaxed atmosphere for the family. Best new mustache
goes to TAYLOR HAWKINS for the scariest, Starsky and Hutch facial hair
pattern I've ever seen. LA Times Favorite foo Fighter? That would be CHRIS
SHIFFLET. Go Chris!!
OH yeah, I almost forgot.....OUR RECORD. The decision is in, the
producers have been chosen, the songs are on their way, we'll begin tracking
just after the festivals. The last 2 years of touring has made a great
difference in this band, and we're kind of writing from a live perspective.
Never done that before.
OK.....just checking in. I'll give updates now and then while making the
record. I've got a lot more time on my hands now that Bands On The Run is
over. Sorry, Beastie................ Later, Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters