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Old December 5th 2012, 06:02 PM
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Default Musicianship

I'm new to this so please, be gentle.

As a drummer myself I can defiantly appreciate the skill level that went into "Wasting Light" by Taylor Hawkins and the rest of the guys into recording that way. It gave me a fresh reminder of just how much I still have to learn.

My real reason for posting is in respect for what Dave's philosophy of music has been and seems to still be in stuff he's done in and out of the Foo's (ie. Sound City). The few self recordings I've done where in a 10'x12' shack with egg carton walls and SM58 being the best mics we could get. We recorded everything onto a computer (not having the budget or knowledge to record into a expensive tape deck) and that's it. All the tracks are digital but we only did basic equalization to any of them. All the effects came from the amps or the natural tones of the room. Really, it sounds like it was recorded in a garage (which it was) but that's what makes it so different from other local guys. And damn, does it ever knock an ego down a few pegs. But don't get me wrong, I still see other local groups take off with material they cant play live. Its BS. Its been a huge motivational booster to have Dave f*ing Grohl go on live television and say "its all about what goes on in here [head] and in here [heart]" and to "learn your trade". Its been a huge personal motivator to keep practicing and learning. To keep pushing my skills and write more and more.

So despite all the crap that comes out these days, there are still some of us who are trying to keep it real.
Thanks man
An Aspiring Musician
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Old December 6th 2012, 08:58 AM
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Default Re: Musicianship

I completely agree. Recording so nearly faultless without having pro tools or autotune fix up your song is rare for big artists today. And in the local scenes as well of course, because computers are just cheaper than tape decks now. I remember recording a couple of songs a few years ago. And my drummer made some mistakes and me and the other singer's vocals weren't perfect either, so the producer fixed it. At the time I was so excited about recording the songs that I didn't care or notice I was just really glad to hear that our songs work. But in the weeks following it kept becoming clearer to me that some parts just sounded fake.. and it's a real shame. I'm trying to save for some recording equipment for myself as well. And I think Dave was right in saying "learn your trade", computer fix up's shouldn't replace practice or skill.
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Old December 6th 2012, 07:13 PM
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Default Re: Musicianship

Recording is a skill, without a doubt.
To be able to play a song perfectly (or screw up in a way that sounds good) takes hours of practice and being able to know all the intimate details of the song and the players you're recording with.
I can defiantly say that after spending weeks rehearsing one song to record it, and being forced to play it 20-30 times until it was as good as possible for a recording, our live performance and skills as a group and individuals jumped.
Not to mention the coffee intake....

It seems to be the point that's missed these days. The process of recording is an experience in its own right that Pro-Tunes/Auto-Tune takes away. Its like a sculpture either making a statue from a laser cutting, high precision machine with computer inputs and a 0.05% error percent or spending the time and making the same thing by hand. Don't art collectors verify the authenticity of a classic painting by checking the trademark faults of a painting?

The issue seems to have changed into "how can we put out perfect, high profit songs in a hurry?". The point that music is still art and takes time seems to have been forgotten completely in society more and more. Hence why when suddenly someone (ie. Foo's - Wasting Light) actually take the time to create art, its such a shock to the system. Pity
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