Hey there everybody...........sorry it's taken me so long to get back on my computer, but I was busy rockin the free world the past week. Lots to talk about....lets get down to it. the KROQ thing was fun. It was somewhat of a blur, as there are a million and a half bands in a 4 hour period, but the highlights were definitely COLDPLAY and Pete Yorn. Both sounded great, and offered a nice sense of relief from most of the other crap you get forced down yer gullet these days. Viva la rock. That rotating stage thingy is enough to make anyone barf, but it is kinda like the Price is you gotta give it that much. Our dressing room was the size of my first car, packed with 12,389 people, so we were pretty much squished in there all night long. Said hi to a bunch of nice folks, had a few drinks, went to a deli, and hit the sack.
Lemmy. What more is there to say? He is God. He is the reason. He is the last man standing, and no one even comes close. That guy is a true rock n' roller. Everyone else is just trying. I can't even begin to explain how fucking life altering a day in the studio with Lemmy really is. He walks in, kicks the shit out of a song, and then he's the goddamned Lone Ranger. He is the coolest person I've ever recorded with in my entire life. The song is called "Shake Your Blood", and it will be on the PROBOT record. It's one of the last things to be done, so I'm really ready to put that fucker out ASAP. If you are a MOTORHEAD fan you will love it. I listen to it around 20 times a day. It is my favorite recording I've ever done. No question. It's the party anthem of the new Millennium. Nuff said.
Umm....what else.....oh yeah, there's all the crazy lawsuit subject......
Back to the basement for guitars. We have entered uncharted territory here....finding new ways to make a guitar sound like an angry old power tool, which is exactly how it SHOULD sound. Adam has cracked the code. Nick is mixing up some serious shit over on his side of the laboratory. It's getting weird. It's getting noisy. And it's getting done a lot faster than we expected. That's a good thing. Last record we just set up a mike and hit record. This time we set up a mike, make the amp scream like a wild banshee, and run for cover. OK....that's a little silly, but holy shit are we ruling downstairs. We'll have all the rhythm guitars done by the middle of next week. NEXT!!!
Saw BLONDE REDHEAD the other night. That guitar player guy is so great. If you can find it, pick up their latest CD. It's worth a spin.
Well.....I guess that's all for now. I'll keep you posted on the progress downstairs....................I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from the great LEMMY:
Rock out, do it quick,
my, my, my, let it rip.
Rock out, make it good,
Break your heart
Shake your blood.

Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters