Exclamation A band I put together covered TCATS in full & then some!

A year and a half ago, some friends and I got together to perform Foo Fighters' 1997 record The Colour And The Shape live from start to finish, including an encore of hits. I drummed this and I also edited all the footage. Turned out pretty well. Have a looksee. Split into Side A, B of the record then the third part is the encore.

Hmm, looks like the message board won't let me post the link cause I don't have enough posts to my name... even though I joined in July 2005!

Go to youtube dot com and chuck this at the end of the address to see the full TCATS performance: playlist?list=PLFtDOZo-UArrqI5GFIb4eXCjwhDaMX-Tl

Chuck this at the end to see Songs For The Deaf performed in full too, this one's my fave: playlist?list=PLFtDOZo-UArq1s3J7Dbxu4Vb2wds_A0nQ

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