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Considering the cost of the set and totting up the value of everything, what's a fair price?
based on what everything would be sold for individually (some things are an estimation as there's nothing to go by on them in all honesty) - am including the cost and whatnot etc here

so the bundle cost £155 (not including shipping)
vinyl £20 (£135 left)
tee £20 (£115 left)
socks £10 (£105 left - based on SH socks on the store)
coins £15 (£90 left - £10 each based on what they sold for at the o2, could argue £15 for 2 though)
temporary tattoos £5 (£85 left - based on nothing at all really)
Passport holder £10 (£75 left - based again on nothing)
Journal £15 (£60 left - again same)
bag £30 (£30 left - again same)
dolls £30 - £0 left.

basically I could argue that the dolls/bag/journal/passport holder/temp tattoos could be conceivably sold for more (or less) if they were sold individually but that's my take on the split including prices known for what items are sold for and then a bit of guesswork for the rest.

I'm sure if they have made more than the amount of orders then we will find out (to take into consideration damages etc) but i'd think it's likely that they would possibly try and sell them for more.

anyway on another note: (the BoB edition) edit: now gone from the store so removed link

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