Talking My customized Foo Fighters Portuguese Flag

The Story of this flag.

I decided to make this flag on the very day of the show, so I did it at home and then ran to my workplace to print it on polyester.
For some reason that day, the printer was getting jammed on the polyester, and time was passing by really quickly, I was stressing if I could print it but then I couldn't get to the front row and give it to the Foos.
Luckily I managed to get in the golden circle, and during the performance of "Nananananana" by My Chemichal Romance, I managed to jump my way throw to the front row (LOL) and things were looking good, but the best was yet to come.
When the Foos appeared on stage, I waited for Dave to start talking to try to get him to see the flag... SUCCESS!
A while later a member of the crew came by me and my girlfriend with a pair of drumsticks and asked in a really nice voice "If I give you this, will you let me give that flag to Dave"... "YES! of course, YES!"
At that point I felt more proud of being a fan of a band made of really nice people than for the fact that my flag got up on stage and was hanged on Sean Cox (one of the guitar techs) "table" during the concert.
At the end of the show I saw Sean folding it really nicely and off it went with the rest of the gear (Thanks Sean!).

I hope someday to get the cherry on the top, which would be to see it hanging at studio 606.

Long live the Foo Fighters!

PS: Funny thing was to find on the next day two journalist concert reviews mentioning the flag. xD

05/30/2004 - Rock In Rio Lisboa, Lisbon - Portugal.
08/16/2005 - Festival Paredes de Coura, Portugal
10/29/2009 - Live from Studio 606 (:P)
07/03/2011 - Milton Keynes, UK
07/07/2011 - Optimus Alive, Lisbon, Portugal
20/06/2015 - Wembley Stadium (canceled )

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