I hope this email somehow reaches you. I was at the weenie roast and happened to help find your wedding ring last night. I do not in any way hope to be rewarded financially for this find but would feel incredibly grateful (and rewarded intrinsically) if this email reaches you and you respond. I am 25 years old and did not have any interest in music whatsoever until I heard "smells like teen spirit" on MTV. When I listen to Foo Fighters, I hear Kurt in your music. When I think of a Rock Star, I can think of none other who is so down to earth and approachable as you. I couldn't believe it when you went to the orchestra section of the verizon wireless and started jamming! I only made it down there because I had lawn tickets and found some kids that left and were willing to give up their tickets because The Killers were over. That is where you lost your ring and I was stoked to be a couple feet from where you were on top of a pilliar jamming. I never got to see Nirvana, but I was nothing short of impressed to see your band. Thanks for keeping rock alive and being there since what I am concerned as it's born again fruition.

~Alex Brody
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