Hi. This is Nate. My girlfriend got on the postboard while she was roaming
the internet at work the other day. She mentioned there was something on
there about the thing Dave and I taped at the studio a while back. Something
about my not knowing what the postboard is. I was kidding. Sometimes I'm a
little too dry, maybe. Or just not funny.

Anyway, just yesterday I read something about the postboard that was
forwarded from a newspaper in the Midwest somewhere. It was from a friend of
the person who is working on the benefit CD for Alive and Well that was
inspired by the site. She was proud of her friend for working toward
something important outside of himself, something he believed in.
I was really affected by that. And proud myself, that we were able spark that
effort, and truly do something positive here.
Pleading with my parents for that first bass about 150 million years ago, I
never imagined that it would have any effect on anything or anybody. That
there would be even three people that care enough about the project I'm a
part of now to spend some time looking our website, and communicating with
other people in our chatroom, is a truly surprising and incredible
circumstance. And we even get t-shirts and other nice things from the chat
room folks sent to us on tour. Thanks, by the way.

So, I just wanted to clear that up, say hello in my own Hallmark card kind of
way (what the hell, its a mood).

Oh and that movie I worked on......
Well this shit takes time apparently. Speaking of inspiration. The people who
put this film together had absolutely 0 Hollywood film making experience and
probably less in the bank, and yet through sheer force of creative will were
able create a remarkable film that could put a lot of Hollywood bullshit to

The producer is currently working on finding distribution and has a number of
able allies who do work within the conventional film world so its only a
matter of time.

Don't look for the score I did to sound anything like the Foo Fighters stuff.
Its sappy. Except for a couple of songs done for a band that a character in
the film sings for (aforementioned girlfriend, whose vocals kick ass. look
out) its all violiny quiet stuff.

If you're still here, thanks again. Be well,
--<br />Nate Mendel - Foo Fighters