Default Dave? Guys? Is that you?

Just fixing my turntable here which reminded me it’s really about time to post these flea-market record album FF look-alike finds...

Everytime I see these covers, it makes me chuckle. The Sergio Mendes one looks like Dave Photo-shopped himself in front of everyone else, and the Chuck Mangion cover just straight up looks like Dave being kind of a weirdo. I only took home the Sergio Mendes. The cover of the other one, what with the mountains, the hat, and the cut of his jeans, just made me think it was going to be some weird German music. Actually, that makes me now think I should have bought it.

Listening to it on YouTube, it’s not bad!

PS PLEASE, you guys, do a remake of the Sergio Mendes cover. Dave in the front…Pat in the back…Taylor, you’ve got the blonde hair…and you guys can fight over the rest. I’m telling you. Photo. of. the. year!
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