Hey, did anyone stay up for the meteor shower last night? Man, was it ever amazing. I don't get to sleep until 6 am anyway, so it fit right into my schedule. We had just finished recording (Knucklehead is now officially done), watched the Lewis fight (ouch, that must've hurt like a motherfucker) and decided to head over to the nearest field to lay out in the cold, wet grass for a peek at what our friend Pear called "an astronomical ballet".Call it whatever you want, it was pretty fucking wild. I remember once a few years ago we were on our way over to Europe for a tour, and I saw a meteor shower from the window beside my seat. I didn't even know that there was supposed to be one, so the first shooting star I saw, I made a wish. Then there was another, and I thought, " Jesus, what are the odds of that happening?". They kept coming like rain, and I wanted so bad to wake up the whole fucking plane so that everyone could see, but I swear I was the only one watching. Lucky me. I must've made a hundred wishes that night.
Last night reminded me of a freaky dream I had about five years ago. Bear with me, this is a bit weird:
I dreamt that I was standing on the side of a hill somewhere in Italy. The hill sloped down to a harbor that was filled with boats, and there were tons of people out, walking along the piers and sitting on the hillside. It was early evening, the sun had just gone down and the stars were out. All of the sudden, every star in the sky exploded (or imploded?) so that the entire night sky became as bright as the sun, with thousands of comets and UFO's shooting around. Everyone just fell to the ground, staring up at the sky. This huge booming voice came echoing through the hills like a loudspeaker announcement, explaining that this was the dawn of the new era where human beings and others from outer space coexist. There were these insanely huge propaganda films being shown in the sky, explaining the evolution of man and how it was guided by aliens. Then there was another film that explained the new division of continents, and how the world was to be spilt up into new countries.... was wild. Don't worry, I am not losing my mind. It was just a dream, and I was watching a lot of X-files at the time. Come to think of Gillian Anderson wish never came true........
Next subject..........we're heading up to New York in a few days to do a video for our new song "The One". Jesse Peretz is directing. You remember Jesse, he did "Learn To Fly" and "Big Me". I'm looking forward to it, it should be hilarious. I wont give away the surprise, but when you get Jesse and the four of us together, someone's gonna wind up getting embarrassed. Keep your eyes peeled.....
Hey, we're working on the studio cam idea......but be patient, it may take a week or two. Until then, Gus is snapping lots of photos that I'm sure will make it to the site ASAP. It's still a little unnerving to imagine yourself broadcast live over the Internet as you're trying to make an album, but I think it'd be cool. Especially since we always record nude.
OK.....gotta get moving. Britney is on at eight, so I have to get all the candles lit, open my Pinot Noir, let it breathe, and unplug the phone. I'm not that innocent either, you know.....................dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters