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Foo Fighters
ISS Dome
Düsseldorf, DE

AUD #1 - Amateur Audio

133 Minutes

I'd give it a 6 or 7 (not more) out of 10, compared to AMT #1

CANON Digital Ixus 70 (built-in microphone/sound recorder)

WAV (705 kbps Mono @ 44.1 kHz) > Cool Edit Pro > CD WAVE > FLAC

Recorded from the opposite of the guy who recorded the video,
from left upper tier, almost adjacent to the stage as well. More
complete than AMT #1, including some crowd noise and less cuts.

01. Let It Die -- 5:24
02. The Pretender -- 4:39
03. Times Like These -- 4:46
04. No Way Back -- 3:28
05. Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) -- 4:14
06. Learn To Fly -- 4:04
07. This Is A Call -- 8:39
08. Banter #1 -- 2:10
09. Long Road To Ruin -- 5:21
10. Breakout -- 4:03
11. Guitar Battle -- 1:34
12. Stacked Actors -- 13:40
13. Skin And Bones -- 4:35
14. Marigold -- 3:26
15. My Hero -- 4:41
16. Band Introduction -- 8:21
17. Cold Day In The Sun -- 3:30
18. But, Honestly -- 5:40
19. Everlong -- 5:19
20. Monkey Wrench -- 7:07
21. Banter #2 -- 0:52
22. All My Life -- 6:16

23. Encore Break (cut) -- 1:30

24. Big Me -- 5:48
25. DOA -- 4:05
26. Generator -- 3:48
27. Banter #3 -- 0:36
28. Best Of You -- 5:48

- Has some crowd noise before "Let It Die" not present on AMT #1
- There's a jam in "This Is A Call"
- In Banter #1, Dave is talking to the crowd and explains how to rock
- There's a long drum solo jam from Taylor druing "Stacked Actors"
- In Banter #2, Dave is talking to the crowd and saying thanks
- I recorded the Encore Break to capture a bit of the atmosphere...
- Before "Big Me", Dave explains how to write a love song, teasing
- In Banter #3, it's just Dave saying thanks and goodbye

I intended to record the show on video, but since the sight was not so good, and zooming would have resulted in shaky/grainy picture, I decided to record only the audio. It doesn't sound as good as I hoped and is mono, but I thought it's better than having no souvenir at all. The acoustic versions sound better though. Glad someone recorded a pretty good video of the show. I wouldn't have achieved such quality with my camera. Meant to upload/circulate this already in 2008 but wasn't sure if it's appreciated a lot (listen to the sample) and forgot about it. Now I finally do.

I included some photos I found on the site of a German radio channel, called 1Live. Though they advertised the concert, I doubt they recorded it. Nothing from the show was broadcast on the radio but I've seen a truck of 1Live in front of the venue.

Recorded & Transferred
by Patrick Horn

Sample/Teaser with clips:

Torrent (Dimeadozen)

I had to remove the photos from the torrent at DAD, it got banned.
Here's a new torrent without these photos:

If you want the photos, get them here:

Or here (together with the recording):


FINALLY! Even if the sound quality is not that great, I'm glad I upload it... better late, than never, right?

But as I said earlier, I'm not sure how you would rate the quality. I'm aware it's ok, but not very good.
I rated it by personal favor.

Thanks to the Foo Fighters for this great show!
Watch the sunrise all alone sitting on the tracks.
Hear the train come roaring in - never coming back.
Laying quiet in the grass everything is still.
River stones and broken bones scattered on the hill.

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