Default Re: MGMT rejected invitation to open for Foos.

MGMT open for the Foos? Really?
Believe it or not I used to go to school with Andrew VanWyngarden. It was a private school in Memphis, TN. that went from elementary to high school. He was in the middle school in sixth grade, my best friend and neighbor Matt was in eighth grade and I was in the high school tenth grade with my twin brother. He tried to sell Matt a horrible beat to hell Ibanez guitar he was using so he could get a better one. Thankfully my brother talked him out of that bad deal.

From what I heard from old friends, you guys are right, The band was a fun jokey college kind of thing, and the guys are happy to be out there playing for people and being famous, but they have no ambition to be huge of overly trendy and overly popular. It's a fun way to make money and living but they do not want to become so huge the whole thing becomes crazy and not fun.
I bet it was some promoter who dreamt the whole thing up..
"Every time you hear it you're going to go, Oh that fuckin' snare hit!!" - Pat Smear to Taylor on recording drums to tape.
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