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Here was my experience in the Detroit area-

Started 20 mins late, we saw double screen the WHOLE TIME. One image on the left, another on the right. The movie starts and all is going well except the dual image thing. 15 mins into it management of the theater comes in and offers everyone a free movie ticket and says they are working with cinedigm to fix the issue. Later in the movie it goes to a green screen for a few minutes as were told cinedigm was rebooting something. Whatever they did fixed nothing, as it came up exactly the same. Anyway, movie ends, 3 min timer until live feed starts. Live feed starts and we get to see it all, only problem is that its not in 3d. Everyone takes off their glasses and watches it normally (except the fact that theres two images).

In the end they gave everyone a refund and a free movie pass.

In total we missed about 10 minutes of the movie and the 3D performance was not in 3d. Bummer.

Other than that, new music was awesome and studio 606 looked cool the way they had all the old banners in the background.
Mike we must have been at the same theatre, Sterling Heights? I wish i would of known.... could have caught up with you, didn't know you were still staying in this area... not sure if you remember me even haha.
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