Thought I'd dissapeared off the face of the earth, didn't you? Hmm? Well, well, well.......I'll admit, I haven't been the worlds greatest pen-pal, and I'm sorry that the studio updates kinda slowed to a halt after a few months, but you know us musicians........not the most reliable people in the world (that's why we never went out and got real jobs). I'll try and give a complete re-cap with this one, so let's get started, shall we?
OK......shit.....I'm not even sure where I left off. The Olympics? Umm......that was cold..........let's see.......well, I guess we've been out here in LA for the last few months, sometimes working, sometimes not. Everything that we recorded came out great,and we actually mixed a bunch of it.....but after 4 months, three studios, and who knows how many foosball games, we decided to take a break from it. I know, I know, you're probably saying "Wait a second....Foo Fighters? taking a break?" You're's new to us too, but we thought it might be a good idea to sit back and chill out a little bit. I mean, I can't wait to release this stuff, it's really kick-ass, but I think we're gonna relax, record some more, go swimming, get new tattoos, learn how to speak Spanish, buy new cars, race them, learn how to BBQ new things, go furniture shopping, start going to yoga, watch a lot of E True Hollywood Stories, sleep late, go see our friends bands play, go see movies, write a lot of e-mails, get a DSL line, go to formal dinners, go to fancy nightclubs and act like the Beverly Hillbillies, go to IKEA for the Swedesh meatballs, not the furniture, go to Blockbuster and buy Zoolander, go to the Bahamas on a know, that kind of stuff. Catch my drift? I promise it won't be too long, and it will be worth every suspenseful moment.
I can't wait to play these upcoming shows, too. If you are anywhere near any of these gigs, and you're anxious to know what we've been up to in the studio, come on down. We'll be doing a bunch of the new stuff, for sure.
I guess there's a million things that I could blab about, but I'll save the small talk for next time. Hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to see you all at the next secret warm up gig........tee hee......later, dave

Oh, and by the far as all of that Christina Aguleria buisness goes.....I got two words for you......YEAH RIGHT! Gimme a break.
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters