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Old October 2nd 2009, 07:00 AM
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Arrow Live Review: Them Crooked Vultures ACL taping

The band seems to have fun.

"You have to hand it to Dave Grohl. His post-Nirvana career has turned into one long game of doing whatever cool musical thing pops into his head.

He leads, sings, plays guitar and song-writes for his full-time band, Foo Fighters, which is nearing the 15 year mark. He’s guest drummed on full-albums by bands he likes (Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke) and played fantasty heavy metal camp on the Dave + a-whole lot-of-extreme- music-dudes album Probot. Now he’s playing in a Cream-esque “supergroup” called Them Crooked Vultures with Queens guitarist Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.

Jones is an interesting case - he’s the one member of Led Zeppelin who didn’t make questionable career moves post-Zep by, for examples, dying tragically (John Bonham), playing in the Firm (Jimmy Page) or naming an album “Now & Zen” (Robert Plant).

Jones became a producer, making records with interesting bands (Butthole Surfers, Diamanda Galas) and generally keeping a comparatively lowish profile.

So seeing these three guys play together, two of them doing things in public they don’t do much anymore (Grohl drumming, Jones playing bass) was thrilling apart from the music they made. It also lent a buit of weight to the taping itself, the first time an unsigned band has recorded an Austin City Limits set, which they did Wednesday night. It was certainly the first time a band was playing its ninth-ever gig for the program.

Oh, the songs? Well, they sounded like the sum of their parts - essentially Queens of the Stone Age style riffs blended with a large helping of everything loud Led Zeppelin did well - blues here, art-rock there, rolling thunder everywhere.

Notably, they don’t sound like more than the sum of their parts - Featuring Queens bassist Alain Johannes on second guitar, TCV still feels very much like a project band, or at least a band who are still feeling out their strengths and weaknesses of their songs. The hour-long set’s opener, “Elephants,” I believe, rolodexed the band’s skill set -Grohl’s Bonhamy stomp mixed with punk speed, Jone’s hard-swinging, yet almost casual bass and Homme’s ovoid riffs and the bits of prog rock Zep loved the most (i.e. songs with lots of parts and movements).

“Mind Eraser, No Chaser” overcame its terrible title with lots of wah-wah. Jones hit the synths and Grohl found a nasty double-bass drum run for “Caligulove.” “Scumbag Blues” was all swing and drive, while “Daffodils” seemed to cut the “Immigrant Song” riff, only to loop into the sort of queasy ovoid shape Homme is so good at. (“Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I” similarly repeated a dirty Zep-style buzz while Jones played a massive, lap-slide-looking thing that produced some vibrant drone.) And I may be the only person for whom “New Fang” recalled Aerosmith’s Ragdoll,” but, well here we are.

The closer, “Warsaw,” started with a chunky, brick-laying riff and ended with the sort of faux-jazzy, goofing-solos coda you just don’t see anymore. No wonder the word Homme kept using the word “classic” to describe the set. We’re not likely to see TCV songs replace Led Zeppelin on classic rock radio any time soon, but those two crazy kids and the guy who looked like a kind uncle sure seemed to have fun trying."

(By Joe Gross)
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Old October 5th 2009, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: Live Review: Them Crooked Vultures ACL taping

video :


good audio / video kind of sucks



Dave drumming

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Old October 11th 2009, 03:42 AM
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Default Re: Live Review: Them Crooked Vultures ACL taping

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