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So you at a club expecting to see band X, but band X is a no show. You are bummed. While you are nursing your drink debating whether or not to leave, in walks one of the world's greatest/most prolific/famous rock stars (your favourite, no less!), who then gets his drunk ass up on stage with a dozen or more of his fellow musician friends on a TINY stage, plays whatever random guitar he can find, bodies are bumping, cords are being unplugged, and he rocks out four great songs, albeit the sound is off, but with GREAT energy and fun, and you want to say his vocals are sub par and fans deserved better.
Well, I changed what I said to avoid being questioned, but okay. Hey, if I was there, just seeing him walk by the bar would have made my night, THAT would have sent me insane. Like, literally, rolling around on the floor insane. I wasn't commenting from the perspective of being there, but of the perspective of being on my computer. Fair play to him, looks like he was having a great time, and i'm sure everyone else there did.

I was more saying about him performing in other shows, there should be good and bad comments to be made judging on what you thought of it, regarding the 'dissing him on the site he pays for being out of line' part, not so much about him having a laugh with his friends in the video posted on this thread.

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