Unhappy Times like these Vinyl 7" No. 1899 R.I.P

Unfortunately i have to bring you the sad news that Times like these 7" No 1899 has passed away...

It was involved in a "moving of my Foo Fighters collection" related accident.
I was moving my collection when i heard a small crack-ish noise and i was unfortunate to discover that my copy of the vinyl had been cracked. I was pushing a box of my foo fighters cd's (with approx 100 cd's in it) and the poor vinyl could not take the weight of the box. It was only played once

Luckily the cover only has a small tear in it so it can still be displayed!

Here is the really sad part... i almost cried... but i think it was mostly the realisation that i have to stretch my already weak student economy to buy a new one...
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