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Old March 23rd 2011, 04:24 PM
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Default Fan Only releases

Hello All,

I am writing this in the hope that the band see this and take note, I would like to hear everyones thoughts about physical releases for fans, in the event that record labels only release albums in digital and cd format. I have been a Foos fan from the beginning and have built quite a sizeable collection of Foos media.

I would still like to have the opportunity to collect Foo's stuff and would pay for physical media if the band decided to create formats that would be sold only from their site. I have already bought the deluxe edition as it would make a great addition to my collection and cannot wait for it to arrive.

So what are your thoughts on this and would you buy fan only media?

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Old March 23rd 2011, 05:39 PM
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Default Re: Fan Only releases

I am absolutely against digital only releases. The demise of the CD is very, very sad! I shouldn't be forced to shop at iTunes. I'm not forced to shop at Tesco, I choose not to because I can choose.

However, there is an environmental aspect to this. I'd love to see the environment being taken care of better and appreciate that CD production is a massive problem. Remember the 1x1 album and replanting trees? I think it's entirely possible to have paper only releases, much like the Japan mini LP releases. That would help and should be the first step. Many bands are doing this already.

Fan only is a bit of a red herring as I'm presuming people wouldn't buy the song unless they were a fan and I can only see an increase in costs for reduced production numbers and maybe alternative packaging. Although distribution costs would be reduced massively if it's from the main site.

Also I can't see fan only being for the good. Look at the deluxe release, if this was on general release it wouldn't have shifted anywhere near as quickly as it has. I jumped out of bed at 7am as I read the news on my phone to get to my PC and buy it and I'm sure a lot of folk just snapped them up because of the hype.

I say keep making them in CD, tape, vinyl format and on general release forever!! It's not like Dave can't afford it. If he could afford it in the ST days, he can afford it now. He probably earns more in interest each day than it costs to do a full CD production run for each single.

Dear Dave, please continue to piss your money away on pleasing us fanboy geekheads!
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Old March 23rd 2011, 07:50 PM
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Default Re: Fan Only releases

Im all for releases only available from the own store. Its no problem getting them sold if they are exclusive and limited to a small number. As seen with the deluxe order package it sold pretty quick so people are willing to buy physical releases even if they are expensive. But the deluxe package for Wasting Light was really good and a great value for the money and very limited and therefore sold very quick.

As for singles I dont know if it will be profitable for the band to print a small number and keeping them at a low price. But it would be a nice and very welcome gesture for all us Foo collectors

If it was exclusive and limited I would be willing to pay quite alot for one.

But I doubt it will ever happen but as long as the band are active there is still hope!
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Old March 24th 2011, 12:17 AM
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Default Re: Fan Only releases

I think we're facing the definitive demise of phisycal singles, but at the same time the rise of special editions. with people downloading everything and singles normally bringing just a couple of extras that don't justify pressings and printings, we're now going to get various different editions for the albums, to actually justify that expense, stuff like booklets, extra cds with tons of extras, special packages like the deluxe one and so on. we always had special editions, but they were just a small extra to the normal releases, the situation will turn now where they will be on the spotlight.

that's how I see it anyway, I might be wrong though.
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