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Hey everyone, this Christmas I started to work on a Foo Fighters blanket for my cousin after she gave me a bunch of fabric. The design that I have been working on has badges going on the blanket as a border halfway into the blanket so I will be needing lots of Foo Fighters badges in various colours and sizes. I have looked at the craft stores in town and will be heading to the record shops later this week but was wondering if there was anywhere online that I could order some Foo badges? If I could get them delivered to the house it would make this whole process a lot easier as I don't want to get too far into the blanket until I know I can use this design. Thanks everyone!

The past couple days I have been off work, meaning that I have had a lot of free time to look online for Foo Fighter badges. I found quite a few people selling individual badges or jackets with a handful of them sewed on. After a couple pages that linked me to more pages of deals, I finally managed to find something. On I found some badges that were in great condition even though they are obviously used and at a great price. Finally, I can plan this out more now that I have received a couple of the badges from a local seller and have some more on the way. Yay!

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