Thumbs up Invitation to dinner in Italy!!!

Dear Foo Fighters,
im, would be granted, but I'm here on behalf of my friends, who are your fans and who are my comrades in our tribute band in your honor(
, we do it with passion that is the energy that you send each once you feel .... forgive my English ... I am using Google translator, and already we are Italian, and we look forward with excitement along with all other Italian fans ......
In truth, I am writing to invite you in an informal and if you want even in secret ... at a dinner in my inn a historical place that since 1953 is an institution for the freedom of thought and cultural approach, to offer you a glass of red wine and a meal of homegrown food .... I understand the difficulties of the case, I understand very well, but the will is power, then ..... Dave, Pat, Nate, Chris, and Taylor, you are welcome if you come in Italy, the place is isolated by the river PO (Eridanus is his name in the past history), the river in which Fetonte rushed in mythological stories. There is also a large square there are three helicopters.
I do not know if you read or even if someone will answer, but I hope at least to be able to see the Foo Fighters in Italy!

from nothing can create new stories,

Stay Rock stay foolish !!!

Scremins Neals

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the feeling of hope in your response is comparable to a child, when he writes a letter to Santa Claus..