admin's note: This was originally posted on 08.21.00

ahh....rock hard bread.....stinky ass cheese.....thick, wheat
beer....long, weird sausages...yes, it can be only one place...GERMANY. I'm
sitting in my hotel room after my first night of normal sleep since arriving
here. Jet lag is a motherfucker, man. It's the worst part of touring, I
swear. Nothing like getting 2 hours of sleep and waking up 45 minutes before
you have to play in front of 25,000 people. SOOOOO exhausted, but there's no
way to get to sleep. For whatever reason, I always get it the worst. It
happens every time. I'll come down to the bus and ask everyone, " How'd you
guys sleep last night?" Taylor- " Great! I watched 'Charlies Angels' in
German for about an hour and fell right asleep." Nate- " Great! I woke up a
few hours ago and went to the gym." Chris-" Great! I think I actually slept
too much!" And there I am, having slept for an hour and a half before getting
Gus's wake-up call. Thank God I actually rested last night.
OK......where do I start......first of all, I'm really sorry for not
writing anything to you guys ( and girls) lately. We've been working really
hard and are a little tired. Well, actually, we're fucking wiped. I've
slacked on most everything lately. Just trying to get rest, and have a little
peace of mind. I hope you didn't think we've given up on you all. Just taking
a little time to ourselves. You know how it goes.
I can't remember where I left off, but I'm guessing it was at the end
of the Chilli Peppers tour. I was glad to finish that tour....not because it
was a drag, and not because I wanted it to end (there are still things that I
miss about that tour) but I've never toured America for 4 MONTHS, and I can't
imagine ever doing it again. That's a long motherfucking tour for just one
country. Thanks to all who came out to see it. They were some of my favorite
shows we've ever played, and that had a lot to do with you.
After that we had about 5 days off before heading down to Japan for the
Fuji-Rock festival. Flew 14 hours to do one show. Weird. Did a bunch of
Japanese press, ate some funky ass shit at a restaurant where they serve
everything on long paddles (don't ask) and watched "Scarface". The show was
SUPER FUN. We played just before the Chemical Brothers, and just after
Placebo. Everyone was cool. It rained. The audience sang along loud as hell,
which always makes me pretty happy. We split the next day for Hawaii.
Hawaii fucking rules. I'll say it again...HAWAII FUCKING RULES. That
place is a virtual paradise. Luckily we had two days off before the show in
Honolulu, and a day off after the show in Maui. Tons of snorkeling was done,
some surf, scooters ( don't worry, I opted for a car). At that point we
needed all the recreation we could get, so the Hawaii trip was perfect for 4
broken men. Oh yeah, we almost got hit by a hurricane while we there, but it
took a left turn and spared the island. Someone's looking out for us. The
Honolulu show was great. About 2 hours long, we got to play a normal set
FINALLY. It had been ages since we'd played Aurora, or My Poor Brain, or
Ain't It the Life. Hot as fuck. Very rewarding. Maui too. Outdoors,
beautiful. Thank you, Hawaii.
Then off to Canada. Another traveling circus of Alterna-rock noise. Big
shows. Mostly outdoors. PERFECT CIRCLE. Very fun. We brought our own barbecue
with us. That saved our ass. I hope we do that from now on. We had this guy
Carlos cooking for us everyday. It only took one show before every other band
on the bill was trying to scam in on the 'cue. No became the
meeting place for everyone to have a beer, get to know eachother, and chow
some serious meat. Highlights: Maynard, and his homemade T-shirts....Josh
Freese and his crazy friends video pong tounaments ( I lost
10,000 bucks...Canadian), Jeremy, the drummer from Our Lady Peace being one
of the nicest people ever...Taylor getting arrested for "Mischief" which,
unbelievably, is a legitimate charge in Canada.....the show in Ottawa, which
turned into a mud-bath a la Green Day at Woodstock....oh the list goes on and
on....all in all it was a fun trip. Halifax was cool, in case anyone cares.
Oh yeah...the Deftones rocked the first show of the tour, but they only
played that one show. They were sorely missed. Very nice people . If you get
the chance, I advise all to go see them play. Probably the best band out
there right now.
And so here we are Germany. We've done 2 shows so far, both
festivals, both great. The Deftones are here too. Lotsa hanging out with
them. Blink-182 have been around. Always good to see them. Tom is the
funniest person I have EVER met in my life. Non-stop hilarity. He should have
his own TV show. Ween played last night, kicked ass and we're doing our own
show with them tomorrow night. Can't wait. Watched a little bit of Beck
before we had to drive last night. He's still a funky little punk. That band
has got it together so tight, it makes me feel like a high school band. These
past few shows have also been my first time seeing Limp Bizkit. Have you ever
seen a field of 30,000 people going completely ape-shit? Come see Limp Bizkit
in Germany. Holy shit , is it unbelievable. Most of us just sat on the side
of the stage with our jaws dropped. It was unreal......
So a few more shows in Europe, and then....A HEADLINING TOUR THIS FALL!'s about fucking time. We've NEVER gone this long without doing
our own tour...and never will again. We're working on booking it right now,
so I'll let you know when we figure it out. I'm hoping that Queens of the
Stone Age will do it with us, so keep your fingers crossed. It's going to be
great....nice shows with all of the songs we really love to play. FINALLY.
AND>>>>>It's Gus's birthday today, so everyone wish him a Happy Birthday.
He's our best friend, and we love him like a nasty little step-brother, so
wish him well today.
Fuck, that was long....I'm going back to sleep....nighty-nite....Dave.
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters