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Hey everybody! Greetings from Melbourne! The Big Day Out is
turning out to be just that. Every show has been packed, some more crazy than
others, but all have been a blast! The other night here in Melbourne, I
joined an old friend of mine on the freaky, Jazz/noise improv stage for a
total freeform jam. It was absolutely insane, lasted for about 11 minutes,
two DJ's, a dude singing into a butcher knife that was running trough an amp,
and by the time it was over they were all buck-naked and covered in flour and
curry sauce. ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!!! My old friend was this guy Ray, who
plays in a an Australian band called the HARD ONS...I hadn't seen him in
like, 8 years or something. What a blast.

Tomorrow we do some TV show called, " Live At The Chapel," and
then the next day we do a tiny club show with the HELLACOPTERS. Yippee!!!!
Oh, I met the drummer from Silverchair yesterday. He was cool. The guys from
Primal Scream are funny as shit. The Blink 182 guys are hilarious too.
Chili's are way cool, NIN guys are all cool, Shihad guys are super
nice...hmm....let's see...I guess everybody is just swell.
OKAY...OKAY...Yes, I got thrown in jail in the Gold Coast.
Here's the deal (because I've been reading all your posts, and they crack me
up) :

Taylor and I had rented these little scooters on our day off so
that we could go riding around from beach to beach. They were awesome, little
suckers that don't even go 30 mph, but cool nonetheless. The day of the show,
we decided to ride them over to the showgrounds instead of taking the shuttle
(it was like a 4 mile drive) and we got to the gig at around 4:00. We played,
had fun, I even brought the scooter up onstage for a laugh, to make fun of
Rob Halford. After the show we watched a few more bands, it started to rain,
so we decided to get the scooters back to the hotel. Taylor and I got on and
whizzed our way back towards the hotel. About a mile or two before the hotel,
there was a police breathalyzer stop thingy. Maybe like 6 or 7 cars ahead of
us. They were checking everybody, but I wasn't worried because A: I was on
the silliest little scooter you've ever seen, and B: I only had 4 or 5 beers
in a period of 3 1/2 or 4 hours. I thought they'd wave me by. I wasn't
driving recklessly, I wasn't pulled over. I drove up to them. Soooo......I
blew over the limit (not .15 like some weirdo wrote on the board, that's
serious shit...I was like .09 or something..) and they took me to jail for a
few hours until Gus bailed me out. They were nice, I was just kinda laughing
at how absurd it seemed, and it all worked out. I got fined, and it's over. I
wish I hadn't done it, of course, but I don't want anyone thinking that I'm
out here on tour, wrapping cars around trees....just riding rental scooters
straight into the Police's hands.

So, people, I guess if there's anything to learn here, it's: don't
drive after a few beers, even if you feel entirely capable like I did: don't
underestimate the definition of a "Motor Vehicle," and always let Gus drive
you home. Sorry if you all think I'm a dork. Believe me, I feel like a total
dickweed, but you gotta kinda laugh. Ever see that scene in Dumb and Dumber
where they take the mini-bike to Aspen? Picture that, but here down under.
BYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave

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