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admin's note: This was originally posted on 07.27.00

I got the book last week and we were in a daze, since the tour was ending and we had to prepare for Japan--not to mention the end of tour hijinks that those crazy RHCP guys had instore for the band.(JUST REMEMBER-- Alderaan is not far away from californication.)
It was very sweet that you guys took the time to put the book together, but I AM NOT A ROADIE...(just me, personally) All of the notes were nice and its good to be appreciated...I mean, who doesn't want to be adored?We were in such a hurry to go that I had to put the book in
a production case, so I will be able to share it with Keith Eric and the other guys tomorrow when the band play the FUJI Rock Fest
Dave &Chris are downstairs at the record co office here in Tokyo, doing interviews and I am attempting to type on this japanese keyboard...sorry if it seems like I am illiterate.
Please, if you come to the show, do not make a huge deal of sending notes to Eric and myself and bothering the already mentally challenged security to get backstage. The crew have their hands full enough, trying to get the rock to you guys. We would love to have the whole damn posse backstage,but that is not possible definitely

Oh. Not that my opinion matters, but you should check out QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE.

--<br />Gus - Foo Tour Manager