Default Download - HD video and DVD of the Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg leg break show

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen the video of this now historic Foo Fighters show on YouTube, shot by sreddan. Well for those who want a permanent copy I've downloaded the highest quality version and I'm sharing it in two flavours, the original HD videos merged into one and the audio sync corrected, and an SD DVD ready to burn to a dual layer DVDR.

The video on YouTube, if you haven't seen it -

Here is the HD, 5.4GB:!g5pnER4R!TM324XHTq...q4UuuxuZg-N6ck!ZlRyGBDY!rBR9Wfg5z..._2LDvc6r H5fk!tpZSBKiY!tKmfpzIOw...UOQx8lXd tyns!M5AFECiJ!dHEi6Xhz7...1f6yUoNe aVis!MoZhEKhD!pBzlzf-9W...t1LIFpbnepnkew!ElomABTI!AeaR5l1J2...kTA6kYQX EPbQ

Here is the DVD, 7GB:!ssAzzajC!6Li8Fxu0k...2n7Wd-_r6lWyh0!0xhkjLRT!u4Tj2ewQG...Dowe1uZ5 j828!ltRljYTR!VbUEtaShc...nsWSkbpi8jd7E8!c4wQlJqL!3hzs4vdk9...xrYsq0Oeunv4aI!o1YhHL5A!wWTMEkxQx...g_Vi0kaa TOv4!osxR3KhB!Xdjud_VIR...nezN9gtmW2uQxw!AoYhTZbI!phNHsp39T...l8HMcApZ 61Ac

It's about 95% of the show, some songs just cut in by a few seconds and Best Of You is missing the last minute or so. You'll need WinRAR/7Zip or similar to extract the parts once you have them all.


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