Default Warning - FAKE US Club Gig Poster Fliers on eBay

Don't be like this poor Australian and pay over $30 each for a bunch of small fliers that are utter total fake copies. This is the same shit from Chicago that I had a (VERY) brief run in with - diff seller name but almost certainly the same source.

Rare 8.5x11" flier posters only given out in small numbers at the gig... Um right so how come you have SO many copies of ALL the gigs? And how come nobody else standing in line anywhere ever got one but you?

It's sad that people get duped - but please don't join them.

Edit - just adding sellers items link as the specific sold listing I had will drop off. Still going strong with a good range of super rare flier posters never seen anywhere. Still selling them to people that think they are the real thing, Real thing is a POSTER - these are about the size of a photocopied document... One of these things is not like the other Bert?

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