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Hi all, this is a letter I would like to get to Dave Grohl, especially in light of his SXSW 2013 Keynote Speech. I am not looking for charity and will not spam this around. I am just trying to get Dave's attention. Our music industry here is dying and desperately needs some help.

Dear Dave,

I would firstly like to send my deepest appreciation for your speech at SXSW. You were able to touch on so many important points that the modern day musician needs to consider. Your documentary SoundCity, for me, is the classiest music documentary that I have ever seen. Like your speech just full of truth and honesty, something so lacking in the current music industry climate.

If you don't mind I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Hyland and I am of European decent born in South Africa. I live in a stunning town called Stellenbosch, in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

The South African music industry, like most around the world, is in disarray. The industry professionals have no idea how to manage or cope with the advances in the digital age and are resorting to producing music that stems from Popidol like competitions. This is infecting our industry and flooding our market with mediocre, shallow and outright embarrassing music that is shedding a bad light onto our industry, which is already 10 years behind the US and European markets.

I have decided to make a stand. I am currently in the process of building my own studio and using it as a focus point to trains and encourage musicians to build a strong foundation for their art so that it has a solid platform instead of pissing in the wind with mediocre nonsense that can possibly get them noticed for a short while but cannot stand the test of time.

I have be blessed to have been able to source some great talent and have also worked with International artists to create more dynamic productions.

Some examples of my work are here :

This particular singer was a shy, low self esteemed guy who I helped get to the point where he is now singing on one fully released record and is working with some other international artists. Take into consideration that this guy almost literally pissed himself on his first vocal take.

The other guy is the one I would really like you to take notice of. His name is Jarrod and is probably the biggest Nirvana and Foo Fighers fan you can find. I have helped him produce of 30 songs and some of them can be heard here :

He has tried his best, with no luck, to find an adequate singer to add vocals to his tracks. This guy is the most dedicated musician I have had the pleasure of working with and we have spent many weekends and late nights slaving away at these demo's but just have not found a vocalist that can crack the songs.

My plea would be, if you could take one of these tracks and put some vocals to them.....It would literally make this guys life. This is not a pitty plea and we are certainly not looking for any charity. This is out of pure desperation to inject some new, much needed, healthy blood into our industry. We have put the work in....we just need that final little lift. Your help would be really appreciated.

I can be contacted on or on my youtube channel.

I really appreciate your time.


Mike Hyland
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