Default Selling or buying tickets on the board? Please read

You are free to sell Foo Fighters tickets on this board with one simple rule.

Face Value or lower only!

Scalping is prohibited. Brokers, Ebay, Craigs List mark ups that you might have been stupid enough to pay are NOT ok to pass along to the fans on this board. Messages that just have an e-mail and a "for sale" notice will be deleted. Your asking price needs to be stated and if we get notice that someone is indeed scalping, you will be warned and banned if you persist. If you want to make some money, go to Ebay and pay their fee to rip off the masses.

Also please note if you do wish to buy/sell tickets on this board it is at your own risk! We take no responsibility for any issues that may arise. Be aware and don't send any tickets/money if you don't feel comfortable.

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