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Old January 15th 2018, 06:00 PM
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Default Individual Concrete + Gold song listens

For those of you like me who still buy music, here is a fun assignment.
Look in your iTunes library and list the Concrete + Gold tracks and the # of listens thus far.
Now, I have likely listened to the LP 30-40 times and the CD in my car 25-30 times.
T-Shirt 14
Run 43
Make It Right 21
The Sky Is A Neighborhood 29
La Dee Da 35
Dirty Water 31
Arrows 39
Happily Ever After (Zero Hour)30
Sunday Rain 7
The Line 32
Concrete + Gold 3
Soldier 24

Most of the Run listens were the week it came out and then I didn't want to wear it out between then and when the album hit.
Zero Hour is the one I can't remove from my current playlist.
As a gym teacher, La Dee Da and Sky are the two that the students respond best to when I play these tracks during class.
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Old January 15th 2018, 10:53 PM
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Default Re: Individual Concrete + Gold song listens

Minus all car and work plays, which would be a lot, I'm sure...

T-Shirt - 7
Run - 37
Make It Right - 6
The Sky is a Neighborhood - 15
La Dee Da - 25
Dirty Water - 40
Arrows - 8
Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) - 6
Sunday Rain - 11
The Line - 4
Concrete and Gold - 6
Soldier - 8
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