Default Average Age And Sex Of A Foo Fan?

This has probably been discussed a gazillion times before on here, but I'm new, so please forgive me?
Very curious about the typical age and gender of the FF fanbase.

I've never been to a Foo Fighters show, (they only ever play big festivals near me and i hate festivals.) but I have been a fan of Dave and his music since Nirvana. I am in the same age bracket as Dave and I am female.
I know loads of women in their 30's and 40's who are fans of FF and especially Dave. He's the thinking, rockin woman's sex symbol for sure!

I'm guessing this forum is mainly teen guys? And from videos of shows they get the typical male rock audience but with a lot of girls in there too.

Looking forward to hearing if you are male, female and roughly your age group. Yeah?
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