admin's note: This was originally posted on 12.20.00

Hey there everyone. It's me again. Back at home. No more jet lag. No more
early check-outs, or long check-in lines. No more Crown Royal (it's strictly
for rock purposes). No more microwavable burritos on the bus. No more wet
clothes after the show. No more radio interviews where I have to play
EVERLONG acoustic AGAIN. No more screaming my fucking balls off every night.
No more room service (I'm a little sad about that one). No more spectravision
movies (also, quite saddening). No more Pantera pre-show warm-up. No more Gus
wake up calls. No more running out into the crowd to get my ass squeezed by
hundreds of teenage girlies ( the most saddening). No more little chocolates
on my pillow. No more making fun of everyone's accent, including ours. No
more coolers of Coors Light. No more catering. No more drum solos. No more
back lounge band conferences. No more falling asleep on the dressing room
floor. No more in-flight magazines. No more "and you will know us by the
trail of the dead". No more poking fun at Shifflet. No more poking fun at
Jimmy. Actually, I can do that one at home. No more TOURING. YIPPEE.
We're all at home, kicking back for the holidays. Hope you all are
too. Chicago is next. Then Brazil. Then new record. Are you guys ready for
another one? I can't wait. I'm not sure what to expect, but there's a ton of
new stuff kicking around. Like, 25 or 30 new ideas. We'll see what happens.
We won't make you wait long.
Just a quick note to wish you all happy holidays, and a big thank you
to our friends in the UK. That was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime.
Later Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters