Hey y'all,
Jolly old England ain't so fuckin' jolly after a 7 hour flight, then getting held up at immigration because Mr. Smartypants (that's me) left the goddamned work permits on the kitchen table, THEN jet-laggin' so hard that
the only way to get some sleep is to hit the bar across the street for
nasty-ass tequila shots (kids....don't drink and drive).....THEN waking up at
4 in the morning with nothing to do but read English music magazines with a
splitting headache, watching the clock, waiting for Tower records to open
up.........ahhh, but then ....there's the English breakfast.....
For all you guys that haven't experienced the culinary delight that is
the English breakfast, let me explain: First of all, they have these things
called "bangers". Now, a banger is a sausage, but it's not your everyday
breakfast,no,no,'s about the size of a hot dog, with a
wonderful, almost papery skin on the outside. The inside is like the
yummiest, squishiest, most delicious treat you've ever eaten. (I think I just
made it sound disgusting) then you've got your eggs (nothing
fancy), and your hashbrowns (no big whoop), and your toast, which, if you
like, they will fry ( I prefer it fried because, hey, anything to line my
arteries with even more filth, GOD BLESS AMERICA....)...and's the
best part....BAKED BEANS. Yes....baked fucking beans....for breakfast. Oh my
God, I could eat that shit all day. If I were president, I would make each
and every school in America serve English breakfasts to the kids every
morning, which, in turn would wipe out every rainforest in Brazil on account
of all the toilet paper we'd have to stock the schools with. Good God, I must
be jet-lagged..........sorry.
OK....all I really wanted to say was that I'm so glad that everyone
had fun at the Troubador show. It was a blast. Schu and Ed should both get
cheese baskets from Pepperidge Farms for their amazing efforts. It was nice
to see all the regulars (yes, we will always love you) and all of the
newcomers, swapping travel stories (which reminds me, all of you guys that
flew from all corners of the planet to see the show, I owe each and every one
of you a hickey) and snapping photos. I hope you all had fun. Let's do it
again sometime. Sorry we pusssed out on playing a bunch of new stuff...but we
rehearsed a lot of it, and we keep changing the arrangements around, so we'll
let them out of their cages when they're ready.
For all of you who didn't get to be sucked. Don't believe
any of these braggards who were unlucky enough to see it. Nah....I'm just
joshin'.....I hope everyone gets a chance to see us in a room as cool as the
Troubador...we'll do our best to play as many of those as we can, and you all
on the postboard are our favorite people to play to ( about
preaching to the converted) so keep an eye out for more of these little one
night stands.
The summer Euro festivals are calling.......that means backstage
trailers stocked with stinky cheese (yippee!), kinder eggs ( German chocolate
eggs with a toy inside), and warm beer. Catering tents filled with road crew
after road crew, which looks like something out of a Mad Max movie, and mud
everywhere. Wish you were here!!
I'll write more soon. Just wanted to say thanks. Later......Dave

wow.........I think I'm finally tired enough to
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters