admin's note: This was originally posted on 06.28.00

Hey there everybody......It's late, and I'm getting ready to leave
for the 4th leg of this Chilli Peppers thing. God, what a long tour! It's
been great, and the response has been overwhelming, so THANK YOU EVERYONE.
Our first attempt at arena rock has been quite an adventure. Lights, smoke,
skinny ties.....the whole deal. Don't worry your pretty little heads, though.
We'll be right back in the same old cozy venues before you know it. As you
all probably know by now, that's where we feel most comfortable, but GODDAMN,
Personal highlights so far:
Peter Frampton on stage.
Pantera on the side of the stage.
Earl, from the Bad Brains in the dressing room.
Chad and Flea running onstage naked in the middle of one of our
Running out into the audience every night. ( Cheesy, but fun)
The instores.
Chris Shifflet coming of age as a guitar GOD.
Nate singing back-up vocals. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
No more Mentos.
I could go on and on.......but I'm sure I'll give you all the final
wrap-up in a few weeks.
I've been working on this side project thingy called PROBOT lately.
It's a return to all of the heavy shit that I used to love as a kid. It's
pretty ass kickin. I recorded a bunch of music by myself (with Adam Kasper at
the board) and I'm going to ask a bunch of my old vocal heroes to sing on it.
I'm working on the list right now, and nothing is confirmed, but it's gonna
be fucking killer. Kinda like the Santana record, BUT DEATH METAL. Sweet. I
can't wait.
OK.......I gotta go get my sheets out of the dryer, but take care, and
I'll see you all soon. Oh, and by the way, YES I do read the postboard often,
and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about my hair. Come on!!!!
Bye Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters