admin's note: This was originally posted on 11.03.00

Good evening my's around 1 in the morning here in Atlanta...sitting on my hotel bed, just got back from pretending to be a DJ
on the local radio station. That was kinda fun. Got to play a lot of stuff that even I haven't listened to in a long time. Hope it didn't bore you to death. A little self indulgence is healthy every now and then.
So WHADDYA KNOW.....back out on the road. The shows lately have been a blast. It's about fucking time that we play our own shows...nice long setlists full of the songs that only true fans have heard before. Lotsa lights and suspended speaker cabinets...waaaay more relaxed than any of the other tours. It's a bit short, though...and I know that there are a lot of
other cities that we should be playing, but we are past the one year mark with the touring thing, and we're all a little burnt, and a little eager to make another record. Believe me, we sit up on the bus at night and feel bad about all of the people that wont get to see us play, and we're trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy without killing ourselves on the road. Basically it happened like this:
When the album came out a year ago, it was right as all of the radio stations had their radio shows (you know, the ones with every band on the planet, each playing for 20 minutes) and were obligated to play those. Well, that took up the first month and a half, and then we got offered to go to Australia for the big day out. And then, the Chilli Peppers thing went on
forever. Then a little Japan, then a little Canada, then a little the time we had done all of that, we were cooked. (Face it
kids, we're getting a little bit older) But....we knew that we had to bring it out again for the true fans, so we booked a little tour for you. Now, I realize that it's not covering a lot of ground, but we're considering extending it for the people that want it bad enough....we'll see.
The double drum shit has been a gas, too. Bringing back the drum solo......
Umm.....I dunno....guess I just wanted to check in and say's been a while....I'll write more in a week or so...until
then....nighty nite....Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters