Well, hello there....long time no see, huh? I'm just sitting
around, waiting for my pizza to be delivered (pepperoni, light on the sauce,
with jalepenos) so I thought I'd give you guys an update on what's been going
on in our little world. As much as we'd like to take a vacation and enjoy
life outside of the band, I think we've finally realized that the best part
about life IS this band, and there's nothing we'd rather do. So, we've been
demo-ing a bunch of new songs and it looks like it wont be too long before we
really start in on the record. At first, I wanted to take our time on this
one, thinking that it would somehow make it better, but we work so fast that
it only took a few weeks to get the bulk of the work done. It's all about the
rock this time, my friends. Not many sleepy ballads on this one, I'm afraid.
AND, I started rapping!!..........that was a joke. Who knows when it's gonna
come out, but we're all more excited about this than anything we've ever done.
I just spent the last few days at the WHFestival in DC, watching all
of these new bands that I see and hear all over the place, but have never
actually seen perform. It was fun. 60,000 people freaking out. I got to
introduce Tenacious D, had them over to the house for some fried chicken and
VH1. Had some drinks with the Coldplay guys, all very cool and funny. People
were throwing shit at them while they played, which I thought was kinda
weird, seeing as how they were the only band on the bill that played MUSIC.
Whatever, I was kinda bummed. All the bands were very nice, no big assholes,
just a bunch of friends having a few beers. Just how I like it. I wish we
would've played, but I guess it was just fine hanging out. Gus (our tour
manager ) was there with Weezer. Actually, they have our whole crew right
now, so it was a reunion of sorts. more name dropping....
This summer is gonna be pretty busy for us. I have to mix the PROBOT
shit, which has come along very nicely. Gotta finish up work on the Tenacious
D album, and then play some drums on the new Queens Of The Stone Age record.
All of that before we start to record our own. Busy, busy, busy. That's the
way uh huh uh huh I like it. Oh yeah, and we're doing a few Euro Festivals
too. can't wait for that. Probably gonna play some new stuff, just to test it
out. Hopefully see you there.'s here. Thanks to everyone for the last few years, I can't
wait to do it again. I'll keep you posted on any new developments. Big sloppy
fucking tongue kisses to you all.
ps....i never dated Jeneane Garoffolo, weirdos................
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters