Default Dave Says Weezer's 'Lithium' Cover Made Him Cry

W'sup, ya'll. Not sure if you saw this Billboard article about Dave crying to Weezer's cover.. Those songs must have been really special to him and powerful to this day. Would love to see him and Krist playing them again for their fans sometime real soon.Talk about the masses really having something to be excited about!

Dave Grohl was brought to tears on Saturday (Sept. 28) watching Weezer perform their cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium.”

Both Weezer and Foo Fighters were playing Brazil’s Rock in Rio festival, with Rivers Cuomo and Co. covering the single from 1991’s Nevermind just before Grohl’s band took the stage.

“I was backstage and I heard Weezer play the ‘Lithium’ song, I heard that shit,” the Foo Fighters frontman later told the cheering crowd during the band’s headlining set. “I gotta be honest, I cried a little bit. I did! I miss playing that song. I miss it, so I’m happy to hear Weezer play it.”

The former Nirvana drummer then repaid the favor by dedicating his performance of “Big Me” to his fellow rock band. During the set, Grohl also revealed that the Foo Fighters are about to head back into the studio to start work on their full-length follow-up to 2017’s Concrete and Gold.

Watch fan footage of both Weezer’s cover and Grohl’s reaction below.
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