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Old Yesterday, 12:34 PM
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Default Re: 'Concrete and Gold' discussion thread

I don't dislike it, it's just not a standout for me. It's not what I was expecting, but it's not bad.

And I do love Floyd.
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Old Yesterday, 05:52 PM
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Default Re: 'Concrete and Gold' discussion thread

by this time since release day back when WL came out I was still listening to it without really getting sick of it, I loved C&G but it's been a few days since I gave it a spin and I don't find myself in an urge to anymore, been listening to other stuff. still a much better album than SH but I was hoping it'd hold me much more than it did.

for my surprise TSIAN is the one the grew on me the most, I liked it the least from the live performances, the studio version is so much stronger. liked Dirty Water and Sunday Rain a lot but been getting kinda tired from them and I flat out skip Happy Ever After and Concrete and Gold.

maybe if St. Cecilia didn't happen and its title track along with Neverending Sigh replaced HEA and C&G could make it a stronger album but that's just me.
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Old Yesterday, 08:30 PM
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Default Re: 'Concrete and Gold' discussion thread

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
What gave you that idea?!
In your post above you said that you like a lot of the softer songs, where as I am the other way. Course doesn't mean you can't like the heavies as well.
I love it but I hate the taste.

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Default Re: 'Concrete and Gold' discussion thread

The Line
Dirty Water
Sunday Rain
Make it Right
Happy Ever After
Hidden "Fuck you Darryl" track
Silences between songs
La Dee Da
Concrete and Gold

The Line's a fucking foo instant classic to me.
Someone here above mentioned a similarity with "Normal" and the $1MDD, I caught the same vibe. The style of the song is great.
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Old Yesterday, 10:22 PM
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Default Re: 'Concrete and Gold' discussion thread

I love C&G (the song) but the mix buries the vocals. I actually used my recording software to "fix" that ... haha, much more enjoyable.

I also did the same to La Dee Da ... I wanted a more "traditional" mix that didn't have the overbearing echo at the end of phrases.

I'm a nerd, hehe.
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