Default Melbourne 1st Show - Lets start with All My Life!

What a farken night!
My feet are killing me, and I have no voice!

They opened the show with All My Life and with that, it just didnt stop.
A similar setlist after that which I cant remember right now. But they left out Bridges Burning because of the intro (which I didnt mind, but wouldnt mind hearing tomorrow).

Stade de AAMI was an awesome venue, but for the Foos, gimmie Festival Hall any day.

A few attempeted to jump on stage with a couple succeeding to reach Dave and get a hug. One bogan even got to talk to him during Daves Solo encore.
Not fair I say. Its always the one that dont give a shit about the show that end up on stage with Dave. Wish it were me.

The boys sound awesome, and anyone who complains about the extended/improvised jams during songs, doesnt understand music.
They were all jaw dropping.

The other bands were fun, but I might give them a miss tomorrow as my feet struggled with the 6 hours standing.
But Im happy to anouce that my bladder held out, so Im very happy with that. lol

Thanks guys, had a great night and cant wait for tomorrow.

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