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I've heard at least half a dozen tapes transferred all of varying quality and completeness through FFL and other places, after all of those we decided on one copy which was the best quality last year. This one, if you want it.

However because of how they were made and as you point out tape degrade through time and wear the more tapes we transfer the better, an even better copy could be and probably is out there.

It's important they're transferred on a high quality tape deck though, just any old tape deck will probably not get the most out of it. If anyone has a tape they want getting transferred I can arrange that, either in Europe or the US. It's obviously hard to get many takers because of how valuable the tape is.
All true. I wasn't suggesting not trying to get the best audio reproduction. Pat was implying it might be possible to tell which was the best sounding version to own. Two different issues. I admit I've never tried to dub mine and I should. It's sealed airtight and has been for years. I have a top end Yamaha Japanese deck, so I should really do that
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