Default Foo Fighters Best Band In The World?! Give Me A Fuck Yea!!!!!

OH SHIT YEA BEST BAND EVER!!! fOO!!!!! gotta give em' the love. let Dave know he's got the best band going...he's doing it right!!! he's rocking out and we love it!!!'s a fuckin thread to let him know!!! love the foo. always have. alway's will. OB's drunk oh yhea. bring it. !!! lol

new album!!! gotta rock out boys!!!we need the rock. bring it heavy!!! |FOO!!!!

Dan xx

Dave Grohl!!!!!!!!!!!! you're the greatest c***t mother fucknin rocking the shit out beating those kids and showing who's boss. love it haha. 41? quality. you got more energy than me! ha. dont give up. keep goin
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