Default Nate just gave a talk in Reno...

I had to share this since it just happened and it seems no one else knew about this either...

Apparently Nate was vacationing in Tahoe and agreed to do a talk/Q&A thing at a small bookstore in Reno. Super small store, couldn't have been more than 40 people.

Nate shared a bunch about his upbringing, playing with Sunny Day Real Estate, getting huge with some band he's currently in, and making the Lieutenant record and touring.

He answered a bunch of questions from the audience (he knows nothing about SH season 2, there are no more SDRE songs to be released, and he's currently listening to Yes). He was super cool enough to hang out, talk to me, and give an autograph and quick pic. I also got to meet his wife, who was super nice.

Don't know if anyone cares, but I figured I would share. It was kind of neat to see this big rock star, and a personal hero of mine, talk in this small, intimate setting.

Dreams do come true...
9.11.15 Vancouver, BC
5.24.14 Reno, NV (CS and the Dead Peasants)
5.23.14 Crystal Bay, NV (CS and the Dead Peasants)
11.01.11 Sacramento, CA
02.08.10 Reno, NV (Shifty solo again!)
02.01.08 Reno, NV
11.12.06 Orangevale, CA (Taylor!)
10.21.06 Mountain View, CA
07.13.06 Berkeley, CA
10.28.05 Oakland, CA
03.06.04 Sparks, NV (Jackson)
06.11.03 Sacramento, CA
10.26.02 Mountain View, CA
05.06.00 Memphis, TN
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