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Old March 23rd 2013, 12:03 AM
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Default Re: Sound City Soundtrack

Originally Posted by Karmaholic1 View Post
I agree-it is my fav song from the album. Hearing them perform it live at the Palladium gave me goosebumps and was the highlight of the night for me. There is a bonus track on the Sound City DVD that is really cool and shows the whole creation of that song recording process.
Lucky you-got to see them live!
Album is awesome-I downloaded the vid from SC site. I didn't see that bonus track.

...I am so hungry to hear/see them live!
Oh well-
I know they need a break *sigh*
biding my time
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Old March 27th 2013, 04:57 AM
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Default Re: Sound City Soundtrack

Never mind. Said something dumb.
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Old April 3rd 2013, 08:35 PM
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Default Re: Sound City Soundtrack

Is it safe to assume this is the details for who played what on each song?
The Italics is where I'm unsure myself.

Heaven and All
Robert Levon Been - Bass, Vocals
Peter Hayes - Guitar
Dave Grohl - Drums

Time Slowing Down
Chris Goss - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Commerford - Bass
Dave Grohl - Guitar, Vocals
Brad Wilk - Drums

You Can't Fix This
Stevie Nicks - Vocals
Dave Grohl - Backing Vocals, Guitars & Bass
Taylor Hawkins - Drums
Rami Jaffee - Keys

The Man That Never Was
Rick Springfield - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Guitar
Taylor Hawkins - Drums, Backing Vocals?
Nate Mendel - Bass
Pat Smear - Guitar

Your Wife is Calling
Lee Ving - Harmonica, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Taylor Hawkins - Drums
Alain Johannes - Bass, Backing Vocals
Pat Smear - Guitar

From Can to Can't
Corey Taylor - Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums
Rick Nielsen - Guitar
Scott Reeder - Bass

Joshua Homme - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Goss - Bass?, Synthesisers/Keys?, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums, Backing Vocals
Alain Johannes - Guitar, Bass?, Synthesisers/Keys?,Backing Vocals

A Trick with No Sleeve
Alain Johannes - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums
Joshua Homme - Bass, Backing Vocals??

Cut Me Some Slack
Paul McCartney - Cig-fiddle guitar, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Backing Vocals, Drums
Krist Novoselic - Bass
Pat Smear - Guitar

If I Were Me
Dave Grohl - Guitar, Vocals.
Jessy Greene - Violin, Backing Vocals?
Rami Jaffee - Keys
Jim Keltner - Percussion

Dave Grohl - Drums, Vocals
Joshua Homme - Bass, Backing Vocals
Trent Reznor - Keys, Vocals, Guitar, Digital wizardry
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Old June 7th 2013, 08:40 AM
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Default Re: Sound City Soundtrack

When I first saw/heard MacCartney & FF live doing Cut me Some Slack, I thought Yeah! But now, after a few listens, it's become one of the two weakest songs in the album for me. The other is that punk stint with Lee Ving.

Favourite has to be Can to Can't - boy can Corey sing that to perfection, and the recording of video is pretty cool too. But I guess this is a chick song
Mantra is pretty awesome too.

And I also agree with the ones who are saying this is a sort of FF album. With guests.

I also loved the documentary, really well made, tugging at the right strings. Springfield made me tear up there a couple of times. Gosh, wasn't he the tackiest artist of the 80's? He's not half bad on The Man that Never Was though.

(Thanks E. Stacked Actor for showing me this thread )
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