Default June 2018 - Manchester and London, UK

June 19th 2018 - Etihad Stadium, Manchester
June 22nd 2018 - London Stadium, London
June 23rd 2018 - London Stadium, London

Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday October 20th.


Q: Will there be a pre-sale for these shows? How do I get access?

There are several pre-sales for these shows.

A. If you pre-ordered the album in some format from the official store, you should have received a code via email to enter a presale for all three shows on Tuesday the 17th at 9am. If you didn't, contact the store here - http://foo-fighters-helpdesk.sandbag...rt/tickets/new

B. If you registered to receive the general Foo Fighters newsletters via the official website you should've received an email in the last 24 hours detailing that pre-sale which takes place on Wednesday the 18th at 9am.

C. If you register with the London Stadium website you can gain entry to a pre-sale for the London shows only, but this may be time limited with regards to how late you can sign up and still receive pre-sale details.

Sign up here - rral
or here -

Q: My pre-sale code says "invalid". What's going on?

If you have received a code, they will not work until the pre-sale begins. If you try to enter it beforehand, it'll tell you it's invalid. That just really means, "not ready yet".

Q: Does a pre-sale code guarantee a ticket?

No. A pre-sale just gives you an early shot at tickets away from the main sale. Tickets in pre-sales are limited, usually 10-20% of overall tickets so if you miss out in the pre-sales, try again in the main sale.

Q: How much are tickets?

Manchester ticket prices:

43.25 for upper tier seating
74.25 for middle tier seating
74.25 for pitch standing/lower tier unreserved seating

London ticket prices are:

60.50 for tier 3 reserved seating
77 for tier 2 reserved seating
77 for pitch standing/level 1 unreserved seating

Q: Will there be a limit to how many I can buy?

You can purchase 4 per transaction.

Q: Will the ticket holder need to be present to get in like the 02 Arena show this year?

Whilst not 100% confirmed this is highly unlikely. The measures in place at the 02 were because it was a special one off show. These stadium shows are unlikely to have similar restrictions but please do read any warnings/terms and conditions BEFORE you order tickets.

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