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Old November 5th 2017, 06:39 PM
littledarkpoet littledarkpoet is offline
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Default Re: Dave "Letterman" Grohl guest-hosted Kimmel last night

Damn.. just saw this on the ol' youtube and its so good.. he looks so like Letterman..

12/05 - London 01/06 - Paris 06/06 - London 06/06 - London
08/07 - Stafford 11/07 - Manchester 11/07 - Birmingham
11/07 - Nottingham 06/08 - London 02/11 - London 08/12 - Reading
09/14 - HOV - London (OMFG) 09/14 - London 05/15 - Sunderland
06/15 - Edinburgh 06/15 - Glastonbury 09/15 - Milton Keynes
09/15 - Edinburgh 11/15 - Amsterdam 11/15 - Cologne
06/17 - Glastonbury 07/17 - Paris 09/17 - London
06/18 - Antwerp 06/18 - London 06/18 - London
08/19 - Glasgow 08/19 - Reading
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Old November 5th 2017, 10:01 PM
java gt java gt is offline
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Default Re: Dave "Letterman" Grohl guest-hosted Kimmel last night

Full sure Nate was missing from the lineup,that wig is brilliant.Have to say I love when I see Pat Smear on stage,the must unrock and roll looking dude every to take the stage but always smiling and loving it.Got up really close in Slane when it pissed rain through the whole set and he never stopped smiling and laughing through the whole gig.Of all the Foos Pat is the man I would love to have a pint with and have the craic.
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Old November 6th 2017, 01:05 AM
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Default Re: Dave "Letterman" Grohl guest-hosted Kimmel last night

Originally Posted by littledarkpoet View Post
.. he looks so like Letterman...
Yes, and he even had a gap between his front teeth!
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Old November 6th 2017, 01:17 PM
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Default Re: Dave "Letterman" Grohl guest-hosted Kimmel last night

That gap is what threw me off!!!! I couldn't tell it was fake at first and it just blew my mind that it was Grohl!!!
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