Question Bias FX ( Positive Grid )and Foo Fighters Guitar Tone

Hey Guys,
Wanted to know if any of you guitarists are using Bias Fx ? and if so
is there any recipes that anyone has created to achieve that Foos sound.
I myself have created one on Bias fx ( awesome app for the Ipad ), I would be kind enough to share with anyone who would be interested, even share ideas, or tracks recorded playing Foos songs. I have a lot of backing tracks for the Foos. If your a guitarist playing Foos , please reply to post, i am interested to work or even share ideas together, would be very interesting.
Another question I have , what would be the ideal speaker ( not amp ) to use coming out from the ipad using bias fx, to get some good loud sound ?? I currently have Iloud, but find that what i hear through headphones does not necessarily mean i hear the same guitar tone that i created coming out from speaker. Is there some setting on the ipad or the app that needs to be adjusted ?

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