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I can't tell you how excited I am to stumble upon this place. Back in my hay day, I was a message board addict and this is taking me back to my youth! I mean, I'm so old at 34 and all.

I've liked the band for as long as I can remember, especially in high school when I was so cool and use to cruise Main Street of my small town in my 89 Chevy Camaro with the t-tops out (see, so cool). I wouldn't say I was a super fan by any means, but I would turn them up if they were on the radio for sure.

My first encounter with Dave was at Blizzcon (Anaheim Convention Center) in 2010. He surprised us all by coming to play drums for Tenacious D. My then boyfriend (now husband) enjoys them so I said I'd sit through a few songs before going back out on the floor. I watched Dave walk out onto stage and I literally felt my heart stop (man I sound like a 13 year old girl). I was totally nerding out hardcore and stayed through the entire show. I knew Dave had played drums for them on studio albums, but I think it's pretty super rare that he plays with them live like that. That performance sealed the deal for me.

The following year, Foo Fighters headlined the show (shortly after Wasting Light was released) and I bought tickets specifically to see them. They played Saturday night and I sat in that room from noon till they started and basically missed everything just to have "decent" seats. I loved how they all interacted with their fans. Dave got down and walked through the isles and just seemed so amazingly chill.

And from that moment, I was totally hooked. I've since bought all the albums I didn't own and listen to them pretty regularly. Next week I get to see them in Champaign, IL which just boggles my mind. Champaign is so small compared to many of the places they've played and I'm gonna be there to see it!!! Let's hope I don't pass out or something.

Wow so that ended up being a long post. Sorry about that, I suppose I like to talk, so that translates into liking to type. Definitely bookmarking this place and will stop in and see what's going on!
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