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At the first, I would like to apologize for some errors that may contain this text, because I am Brazilian and I do not speak English fluently. So, this text is being translated from Portuguese to English by Google Translate (Sorry!).
Second, I would like to tell a little of my story: I am 41 years old, I am married (my husband's name is Marcelo) and we have a 15-year-old daughter (Luiza). We 3 are fans of Foo Fighters (and also of Queens of The Stone Age). I graduated in law and worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years.
I got a solid career as a lawyer, but I was unhappy. So I decided to change my life and study what I really love: Psychology. So, I did the "vestibular" (a very competitive exam that exists here in Brazil) and I got to go to university again, in the most concurred University here of my city: Federal University of Paraná. So, the last five years, I studied Psychology, I worked (like a lawyer), I took care of my daughter (and my dogs) and did all the other houseworks. And, finally, I completed my new graduation course (Psychology).
It turns out that the date of the graduation ceremony is 03/02/2018. That's on the same day as the Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters show here in my city (Curitiba). My favorite bands !!!!! So, I decided to hold my own ceremony at the show. I will wear a graduation gown and cap, and make the speeches (to the colleagues, teachers, parents, friends and Family). Like a real Graduation. It would be a dream if Dave Grohl gave me the "diploma" on the stage (a symbolic diploma that I

A big hug to all of you!!!
Taty Klein

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