Good God, it's been a long time since I've done this. I actually wrote a holiday greeting to everyone a while ago, but something fucked up and it was eventually sent back to me. So I guess I'll start where I left off....
Happy holidays.
OK.... now that's out of the way, lets talk about the fun stuff. We've finished 6 songs, and are going out to LA to do the rest. Need a change of scenery. The basement was getting smaller and smaller. It's no fun feeling like a rat in the sewer, never seeing the light of day, only coming out at night to hit up the 7-11 for slurpees and microwaveable pork cracklin's. I think it'll be nice to sleep somewhere that's more than 20 feet from the mixing board. We have about 3 weeks left, and then we're done. DONE. Everything has turned out killer so far. Nate is ripping as we speak. Chris is probably doing sit-ups. Taylor is probably listening to DIO.
Our little venture into the outside world last week was a blast too. NYC. Always good for a few evenings. TRL was fun, although I felt like Bob Hope in that place. Not really our target demographic, but it's always fun to go wreak havoc for a few minutes. Wish I could've met some real pop stars. Never done that before.
K-rock was kinda fun too. It's a lot easier to think when it's 2 in the afternoon, as opposed to the Stern show where you've either just woken up 10 minutes beforehand, or you haven't even gone to sleep yet. Looking forward to doing his show again someday.
Letterman.......oh, Letterman..........could that guy be any cooler? I mean, I remember watching that show EVERY FUCKING NIGHT when I was a teenager. I was raised on that shit, and think he's even funnier today than he was then. Of course, having Jack Black on the show with us was a treat. I think he should just drop his movie career and join our band, because his back-up vocals were nothing short of Bee Gee's quality shit. Nice sweat suit, Jack. Remember, Jack is on SNL this Saturday. No doubt it will be the funniest show they've had in a long, long time. Got to meet a few of my heroes at the Letterman show, a few of the cast from HBO's "Mr. Show". Mary Lynn Rajskub, from the infamous donut shop sketch and Girls Guitar Club....gee....I guess I have met some real life popstars......
So, I guess that's about it for now....gotta go pack. I'll give more updates once I get out there, I promise. Hope all is well, and thanks for all of the Birthday wishes, it was a good one, and I'm looking forward to being the crusty old man that I've become. Cheers...........dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters