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Hello guys, there's this
Will someone participate?



DOFF – Dreaming of foo Fighters,
the first documentary about Foo Fighters made by fans, is almost completed.

For this reason we decided to create a section in the documentary that gives the chance to all Foo Fighters’ Tribute Bands and Fans to send a greeting directly to the Foos!
Remember that this year they are going to celebrate their 20-year career !!

You have until February 5, 2015 to send us your video message and be part of DOFF!
You can use your smartphone, your webcam or your camera.
The important thing is to participate!

1 – Put in REC [: D]
2 – Introduce yourselves [Band Name and where you come from]
3 – Customize your message to Dave and his band! (using your favorite language)
4 – Send the video to

Don’t waste time!
Because we will sent the documentary to Foo Fighters by March!


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