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I wouldn't have a hope in hell of keeping track of stuff if I didn't have a big spreadsheet with everything in it. All I did there was delete everything that wasn't vinyl.

Trust me even if you only have ten items - start straight away. It is much easier to keep current than make yourself start one later when you accidentally buy something you thought you needed but found you had already bought, and yes I did that more than once before deciding it had to be done lol.
I've got like 40 records since I started collecting six months ago and they're still pretty under control in the box in the corner. I'm not sure I'll ever quite reach the same dizzying heights as you with my collection.

I'm guessing you wouldn't notice for a long time if something was gone huh?

On a completely unrelated note...what's your full address and at what times is there nobody home?

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What a Great thread!
Sweet, thanks!!!!

This is my first thread here, it's pretty cool to see it going this well.

I signed up years ago and visited the forum regularly but never signed in cos I forgot my details. First post was 2 days six years after registering.

It's really interesting and sometimes mind blowing to see everyone's collection. Mine seems pretty pitiful now.
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